As Murder Marches, Corrupt

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As Murder Marches, Corrupt

As Murder Marches, Corrupt

by Munawwar Abdulla

When brutality walks amongst men’s minds
Conformity begins to whither
Heartlessness molds into a heathen defined
Savage snakes begin to slither

Mercy puts down her all seeing glass eye
For she simply cannot bare to look
Malevolence lets out a mirthless cry
Takes out his black, blood splattered book

Anguish cries, as souls are ripped from bodies
White flags held high have no effect on those
on a rampage; hands already bloodied
And poppies dance under red, red clothes

Silence then walks alongst crumbled trails
As bewildered ghosts fly high
Knives fly down, arrows pierce eyes derailed
For corruption is decadence defined

Simply put, you see, is that murder cannot
Ever be fully nullified
But war isn’t murder; no it’s not
It’s mass vengeance and lies to the victimized


Uyghur teenager Munawwar Abdulla wrote this amazing
poem - "As Murder Marches, Corrupt". It is posted at
This poem is really great, period, but the fact that
she is 16 (and wrote it when she was 15) makes it
even more amazing. Please vote for her poem by
sending an e-mail to
and writing 'As Murder Marches, Corrupt' in the subject
line to vote. Thanks so much, everyone!

       -Kathy Polias