BBC: Troops in Xinjiang 8July 2009

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BBC: Troops in Xinjiang 8July 2009

BBC NEWS/IN PICTURES 09:06 GMT, Wednesday, 8 July 2009 10:06 UK

BBC NEWS In pictures: Troops in Xinjiang

Troops in central Urumqi, 8 July 1 of 8 Thousands of troops have been deployed in the city of Urumqi in China's Xinjiang province to quell ethnic unrest that has left 156 people dead.

Troops in central Urumqi, 8 July 2 of 8 This was a massive show of force to tackle a situation that has forced President Hu Jintao to fly back from the G8 summit in Italy.

Troops in central Urumqi, 8 July 3 of 8 Troops chanted to warn Urumqi residents of their presence as authorities sought to bring the violence under control.

Chinese troops in Urumqi, 8 July 4 of 8 Correspondents say many Han Chinese have been welcoming the troop presence.

Attack in Urumqi, 8 July 5 of 8 Although Urumqi appeared quieter, there were reported flashes of violence - including this attack said to be by Han Chinese on a Uighur man.

Uighurs erect barricades in Urumqi 6 of 8 Some Uighurs have been erecting barricades to prevent attacks by Han Chinese gangs.

Urumqi residents with leaflets dropped by helicopter, 8 July 7 of 8 Some angry residents ignored leaflets dropped by helicopters calling for calm and for people to return to their homes.

Damaged car in Urumqi 8 of 8 In addition to the 156 dead and more than 1,000 injured, the riots have caused widespread damage to cars and shops.