BBC: Urumqi mosques told to close 10 July 2009

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BBC: Urumqi mosques told to close 10 July 2009


BBC NEWS/IN PICTURES 14:57 GMT, Friday, 10 July 2009 15:57 UK

BBC NEWS in pictures: Urumqi mosques told to close

An armoured car parked outside a mosque in Urumqi 1 of 9 China ordered mosques to remain closed in the city of Urumqi, in the Xinjiang region, after several days of ethnic violence between the Uighur and Han Chinese communities. More than 150 people have been killed since Sunday.

A man walks past a mosque's gates, where the authorities have put up a notice cancelling Friday prayers 2 of 9 The authorities put up notices outside each mosque, warning that they would not open for Friday prayers.

A caretaker walks through an empty mosque in Urumqi 3 of 9 Most of the city's mosques remained shut - empty apart from their caretakers.

Worshippers at a mosque in Urumqi on 10/7/09 4 of 9 But some - such as this one - did open, after boisterous crowds gathered at the gates.

Men kneel on brightly-coloured mats in a mosque courtyard 5 of 9 At this mosque, prayers were held outside, without a preacher.

A child dressed in an "I love China" T-shirt, makes the victory sign to the camera, outside an Urumqi mosque 6 of 9 Despite the tense atmosphere, this Uighur youngster - outside a mosque - still had fun with a photographer on an official media tour of Urumqi.

Two Uighur men walk past an armoured vehicle. 7 of 9 Troops are out in force throughout Urumqi, and have surrounded Uighur neighbourhoods. But many Uighurs say they are still too frightened to leave their homes.

A small group of Uighurs stage a protest, arms raised 8 of 9 A small group of Uighurs started a demonstration, but were blocked by riot police with batons and stun guns.

Passengers at the railway station in Urumqi on 10/7/09 9 of 9 Thousands of people - both Han Chinese and Uighurs - are reported to be trying to leave the city.