BBC: Xinjiang protests go on 7July 2009

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BBC: Xinjiang protests go on 7July 2009

BBC NEWS/IN PICTURES 10:18 GMT, Tuesday, 7 July 2009 11:18 UK

BBC In pictures: Xinjiang protests go on

Riot police run in Urumqi, 07/07 1 of 9 On Tuesday riot police were once again on the streets of the western Chinese city of Urumqi to deal with ethnic Uighur protesters.

A riot policeman clutches his baton as the he as his colleague face the protestors 2 of 9 About 200 Uighurs, many of them women, gathered to protest against the arrest of 1,400 people after deadly violence on Sunday.

An Uighur woman shouts at riot police in Urumqi, 07/07 3 of 9 The protest was witnessed by foreign journalists during a tour led by government officials. The BBC's Quentin Sommerville in Urumqi called it an extraordinary act of defiance.

Uigher woman walks, arm raised, in front of ranks of riot police 4 of 9 The women shouted: "Give us our freedom, give us back our men."

Distraught woman grab at a riot policeman 5 of 9 Reports from Urumqi say the police have gone from house to house, rounding up young men for questioning. They say they have arrested the "ringleaders" of Sunday's violence, but are seeking others.

An Uigher woman faces the riot police, both arms raised 6 of 9 The protesters began to leave when the journalists were ushered away. But policemen were waiting in the sidestreets, and it was not clear what happened to the woman afterwards.

Ethnic Han Chinese run through the streets, carrying clubs and makeshift weapons including a spade 7 of 9 Later, groups of ethnic Han Chinese marched through the city carrying clubs, machetes and makeshift weapons, such as spades.

Ethnic Han Chinese man runs through the streets with a large baton 8 of 9 They said they were protesting against violence carried out by the Uighurs. They were dispersed by the security forces, who fired tear gas.

Injured woman 9 of 9 The government has blamed separatist Uighurs based abroad for orchestrating attacks on ethnic Han Chinese. Officials say 156 people died in Sunday's violence, and more than 1,000 were injured.