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Blocked Emotions

Blocked Emotions  

Poet:   Aziz Isa

Quiet and solitary under the night sky,

Swimming alone towards the limitless universe.

Seeking my soul mate amongst the stars,

The birth of hope sears my heart.

Embarrassed, I met with the moon,

The moon girl greeted me, “Salam” she said.

Had she seen my melancholy heart?

Gently smiling she said, “Shall we talk?”

“At last we have managed to meet,

My guest from the ancient Tarim basin,

Are you still alive under my light?

Is the Taklimakan desert still sleeping?”

My blocked emotions returned to me,

I left the moon girl’s questions unanswered.

Bitter pain pierced my heart,

I left, eyes cast down in the twilight.

Written in Aqsu on 12th December 1998.